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There are two types of quality inverters offered, pure sine wave and modified sine wave. A pure sine wave inverter produces a clean, regulated AC output with low distortion. A modified sine wave inverter produces an output that is a rectangular or stepped waveform where both the peak and RMS value is equal to a sine wave of the same magnitude and is a lower cost alternative to the pure sine wave device. Behlman manufactures both types of inverters. Behlman inverters are typically used in unmanned sub-stations and military inverter applications.

ModelPower (VA)Output Volts VAC (RMS)Output Current (Amps)Frequency (Hz)InputDimensions (19″ Rack Mount)CommentsSpecification Sheets
INV-12001200120106048,125 or 250 VDC3.5”H X 17”D30 msec switch over time with D1 optionPDF
ACDC-1250125012010.46048 VDC, 125 VDC or 120 VAC5.25”H X 19”DPDF